About Us

Launch your little one into learning at LaunchPad: Little Learners Hub!

LaunchPad is a unique learning environment for children aged 3-5 years.
We aim to help bridge the gap between kindergarten and ‘big school’ and launch our little learners into school with a head start!
At LaunchPad we focus on phonemic awareness and basic mathematical concepts through a fun, multi-sensory approach. Our goal is to create happy, smart and confident children who have a love of learning.
Small group classes are run weekly on a term basis. We offer engaging and interactive programs for 3-4 year olds (60 mins) and 4-5 year olds (90 mins).

A message from Danni & Bianca…

LaunchPad was created from a desire to assist little people with their transition to ‘big school’. As qualified teachers and mums to little ones ourselves, we have seen firsthand the impact of school readiness on a child’s ability to learn in a confident and happy manner. ‘School readiness’ is determined by much more than simply a child’s chronological age. In order to make a successful and happy start to school, children also need to have a firm grasp on language, social and emotional skills as well as fine motor skills. We are extremely passionate about providing a means for children to explore and develop these necessary skills through a wide range of fun, playful and engaging experiences at LaunchPad. Ultimately, our aim is to give our little learners the best possible start to school!